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This site is reserved for an online K-12 home school curriculum.

But not just any home school curriculum. This one is different.


It’s different, not just from other home school curricula, but also from other Christian home school curricula.

How so?

Here’s how: every subject will be taught in terms of the biblical worldview.

Not in terms of a “neutral” worldview. There is no such thing. In terms of the biblical one.

And not just in certain subjects like “Bible”. EVERY subject will be taught this way. This includes the so-called “neutral” subjects like math and history and … economics.

Why is this important?

Because the biblical worldview is the one which governs the kingdom of God.

It is the one that God provided for redeemed mankind to see all of creation through — “new eyes.” Covenantal eyes.

This means every academic subject must be re-constructed and re-taught in terms of an explicitly theocentric, covenantal, Trinitarian, Christian worldview.

This must be done if we are to roll back the centuries — the millennia — of anti-Christian, humanistic, pagan philosophy and indoctrination that has infiltrated the academic instruction of generations of students in the arts and sciences and humanities.

Dr. Gary North reminds us:

“There is no such thing as a religiously neutral curriculum.”

Warning: this is not a religiously neutral curriculum.